Leak Detection Process

Our swimming pool leak detection process starts with your call and ends with your pool leak repair. Repairs can vary widely from a patch to excavation.

Step 1.) Determine that the pool is, in fact, leaking. Often, we will ask a series of questions to make sure it is a leak and not another variable. We can do a quick test with a tool called the Leakalyzer. This tool helps us to measure water loss to the 1/10,000th of an inch.

Step 2.) Pressurize plumbing lines going to and from the pool to determine, or eliminate, if the plumbing is the culprit.

Step 3.) Dive the pool to determine if it is a structure related leak.

Step 4.) Find the general leak area (determined by steps 2 or 3).

Step 5.) Using acoustic listening devices or our pipe inspection cameras, we pinpoint the leak. Leaks will be narrowed down to within inches.

Step 6.) Repair.

Step 7.) Enjoy your leak free pool!